Meet the Newcastle Sakekamer’s new Management Team

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Strategically steered by a management team chosen from its members each year, on Friday, 20 August 2021, the Newcastle Sakekamer hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Avalon Guest Manor. Where among various topics, the new financial year’s management team was announced.

With a quorum of members present, the Sakekamer proceeded to approve the previous year’s AGM minutes, as well as the current financial year’s financial statements—with the current year’s budget, tabled and accepted. 

Furthermore, President of the Newcastle Sakekamer, Koos Pieterse, stated that the business chamber primarily focuses on three main objectives in ensuring the local community thrives. 

Comprising of the following:

  • Being the voice of business in Newcastle
  • Acting as the watchdog for both business and service delivery within the town.
  • Being a facilitator of growth.

Bearing this in mind, the strategic plan for the business chamber from 2021 to 2024 involves five key facets, according to Pieterse. 

  • Independent group of businesspeople – mobilising business owners as members to improve Newcastle, as well as enhancing networking opportunities
  • Business League Strategic Projects – Corruption Bridge Campaign, Special Economic Zones, International Liaison.
  • Focus on municipal and provincial service delivery
  • Establish Newcastle as a tourist attraction stopover between Gauteng and East Coast.
  • Winter festival – New jacket and plan

Moreover, and forming a core part of the event, the Sakekamer then announced its management team. Comprising of a variety of key business heads and figures within the Newcastle business sector. 

The new management team is as follows:

  • Koos Pieterse as President – Allwear
  • Louw Conradie as Deputy President – Nashua Maluti
  • Angelique van Vuuren as Deputy President – FedAuto
  • Jaco Landsberg as Treasurer – Boschpick Foundry & Engineering 
  • Rob Hoatson – Thirsti Water
  • Japie Greyling – Mediclinic Newcastle
  • Calvin Swemmer – Newcastillian – Online News & Pixelfish Marketing Solutions
  • Rob Russell – LADRC -Labour Advice and Dispute Resolution Centre
  • Ronel Putter – Aon South Africa

Acknowledging specific members for their outstanding contributions, honorary membership was awarded to Japie Myburgh, NT Oosthuizen and Bennie Volschenk. 

Concluding, the Newcastle Sakekamer further said goodbye to NT Oosthuizen, Ferdie Alberts, Jandri Barnard, and Henry van der Linde. 

President of Newcastle Sakekamer Koos Pieterse emphasised, “These stalwarts did an unbelievable amount of work for the Chamber, and we will miss their valuable insights and inputs. Our sincere thanks and appreciation for your contributions over the years.”

A big thank you also went out to the organisation’s dedicated secretary, Jakkie De Bruin. A person who plays a pivotal role at the Sakekamer.

Jakkie De Bruin

With the Newcastle Sakekamer’s management now prepared to carry out their duties, aligning themselves with the business association’s goals, the AGM proved to be an endeavour set to bear fruit for the Newcastle community.

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