Gwyneth Root pays tribute to the late Graham Gibson

Tragedy struck on 30 March 2021, following the heart-breaking death of Graham Gibson. The beloved Newcastillian’s body was discovered at 4 pm on the N11, near the Durnacol turn-off. Sadly, Graham had been stabbed and had bled to death.

While police investigations into the murder are underway, Gwyneth Root reflects on his life explaining she initially met Graham and his family through church and through their daughters, who have been friends since pre-school. “He was a true man of God, a genuine guy in that what you saw was what you got. He was very hardworking, served on various committees and adored his family.”

Photo credit: Boere Krisis Aksi BKA (Facebook)

Describing him as a farmer at heart, Root says despite Graham selling his farm, he remained an active member of the farming community—working as an insurance assessor within the agricultural sector.

Speaking on his character, “Graham was a gentle soul, good to all those around him and loyal to his staff. He truly had a good relationship with all those in his life, and he did not deserve this. He was a first-class guy,” declares Root. 

She closes off by saying, “The gaping hole he has left behind is going to be felt by many people, especially by his family, friends and those who knew him. He was a supportive man in everything he did. He applied himself and lived his life well.”

Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian – Online News extends its heartfelt condolences to Graham Gibson’s family and friends.

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One thought on “Gwyneth Root pays tribute to the late Graham Gibson

  1. Our family has known Graham & his wife Jeannie & their family for many years. My late husband Koos passed away last November with Dementia. Graham used to come & help pick him up whenever he had a bad fall. He would never want any payment for his numerous deeds. Graham was an amazing man & loved his family very much. He never had a bad word for anybody & was always full of smiles. Life is cruel sometimes. What did Graham do to ever deserve such a terrible death? Can anyone answer this?

    Kind Regards,
    Pat Biljon.

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